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Our Pastor

Reverend Brackins, born December 21st, 1955, is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy and Lucy Brackins. He is a native of Houston, Texas, and a preaching son of the True Light Baptist Church of Houston, Texas. He is married to Mrs. Pamela Doreen Brackins. Together, they are the proud parents of three daughters and one son. He serves as President Emeritus of the Board of Directors for One Church One Child Inc. of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He also serves as the Assistant Treasurer for B.E.L.A. (Black Ecumenical Leadership Alliance). He is a member of the National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc., where he has served and worked with the Evangelical Board for more than thirty years.

Reverend Brackins accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior in December 1973, at the tender age of seventeen. He confessed his call to the Gospel ministry on the first Sunday in August 1976, and preached his first sermon on the second Sunday of that same month and year under the pasturage of the late Dr. William Bowie Jr.

Reverend Brackins is the founding Pastor of the Grace Tabernacle Baptist Church which had her genesis in May of 1987. The Church has grown from twenty-seven members with two ministries, to better than 400 active members with more than twenty-five vibrant, need-meeting ministries since her beginning. The Church offers an outreach center called Garments and Groceries from Grace. This outreach center opened in August 2002, and is tailored exclusively to meet the needs of those in the community of the Grace Tabernacle Church who are less fortunate.

Pastor Brackins has led Grace Tabernacle to completing four phases of a $3.2M church campus which rests on nearly seven acres. It includes a 500-seat Worship Center, Fellowship Hall, Children and Youth Activities Area, Family Life Center, and Gymnasium. The entire building project was completed in just ten years, while retiring over $1.7M of the debt in the process.

In April 2009, Pastor Brackins published his first book, A Marvelous Model of Ministry, A Message from the man in the Middle. His second book, Making a Difference in the Kingdom of God, was released in February 2013. His third book, 365 Days of Devotion, Development and Discipline with Jesus, was released in February of 2015. In August 2014, Pastor Brackins was recognized for his outstanding service in the Christian community by the St. Thomas Christian University of Jacksonville, Florida, with an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree. Pastor Brackins is also a musician; he plays the guitar, bass, piano, and organ. He has preached extensively throughout much of America, and his greatest passion is the preaching of the Gospel to the end that lost souls are won to Jesus Christ.